Saturday, 1 July 2006

Browsing Through Borders.

Had some free time so I dropped by the Borders at the Curve this afternoon. Browsing through the shelves and leafing through the books that catch my eye makes me go through a plethora of emotions: envy, because all these writers are good enough to be published; sadness, because I'm not at that level yet; determination, because I want to become as good as them; joy, because I often find gems while browsing; and anger, because the books are so expensive! Phew! It's so tiring!

So I'm browsing through the shelves, going through each emotion in random order, when my father calls and tells me the news. Raja Ahmad says his editing committee have read my story (mentioned here, and here), and they love it. Hooray! Apparently the story, about a couple's trip to Kuala Kangsar, is "a physical story, but has deep, inner meaning".

I have no idea what that means but it sounds great! Certainly more so, considering that I only had the time to hammer out a first draft. I haven't reread it since, but I'm guessing once I do, I'll be wincing and grimacing till my jaws ache. More details on the story and when and where it gets published later.

Ooh, and I bought for myself two books: Xeus's Dark City and Naomi Novik's His Majesty's Dragon.


  1. well done, ted! i'm sure i will be buying your books soon

  2. Ted, congratulations!!! Like I said, it's only a while longer when someone discovers your talent. I thought your sci fi story was humorous like hell! You stuck in there and never said die, that's gutsy. And now it's paying back for you.

    Thanks for buying my book! You can be sure I'll be there to support you when your first book comes out.

  3. Thanks Sharon and Lynette!

    I'm a bit nervous though, because I don't think the story's as polished as I could have made it if I had a little more time... :(

  4. Congrats, Ted. You must be over the moon.


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