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Making Bookshelves... Out of Books!

What do you do with those old, unwanted hardcover books? Make a bookshelf of course! ^_^

Via Boing Boing.


  1. Ted,

    [Perkenalan buat Ted.]

    1.At last I have found you. From top to bottom, I caught your words and put in my eyes.
    2.Hah, impressive!

  2. Er... actually I find it a little creepy that you're looking at me top to bottom. How long were looking at me...?

    Haha... welcome to the blog anyway. Do drop by again!

  3. My old-coworker makes these for a living, combining a witty selection of titles to create shelves with incisive haiku-ish messages. If you'd rather purchase one than make your own, check out

  4. Ooh! Those are pretty good! Thanks for the headsup, Tobin!


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