Saturday, 23 September 2006


Seems everytime I go in the direction of Bangsar, it rains. And boy, does it rain. Visibly was really bad on the NPE at around 3pm. The rain eased a little when I got near the Bangsar LRT station, but traffic just decided not to move, so I got stuck there for a while. Might have reached this month's Readings at Seksen's 67 Lorong Tempinis on time if it weren't for the jam. But then again, I probably wouldn't have come at all in the first place.

Azman, the Streamyx contractor had called me a couple of weeks earlier to tell me that he and his Gang of Installers would be paying me a visit on the 23rd to get my wireless internet up and running. (Irony paid a visit too when Maxis dropped a leaflet in the mailbox announcing the arrival of their new wired broadband plan this morning. I hate Puchong.) He said they would come at 4pm, right when Readings would be scheduled. Thank goodness he decided to come a little earlier, so that was how I found myself in Bangsar for the Readings.

I came in while Patricia Sykes was reading her poems. I loved Amir Hafizi's story about his father, and he's an absolutely wonderful reader. Joy read an excerpt from her play, which I thought was interesting because of the subject matter but I wished she had read it in prose form (but that's just me, yo).

Faridah Abdul Manaf (author of The Art of Naming) made a surprise appearance and read some of her poems. She only read briefly, because she was on her way out. Xeus read "One If By Land" from Dark City, and Aneeta Sundararaj read "Brought Back to Life" from Snapshots!

I thought this session was quite good, but I'm jealous Sharon got a hardcopy of Amir's story! Also met some lovely (and drunk) people too. Yay!


  1. see, it's fate that you made it!

  2. Ted, next time say a little prayer before you come!


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