Sunday, 17 December 2006

One Honking Big Book Launch.

So yesterday I went to Lydia Teh's launching of her latest book, Honk! If You're Malaysian. This probably ranks as the grandest book launch I've ever attended. Even that Roald Dahl launch for Rhyme Stew I went to when I was a kid couldn't beat this.

Congratulations, Lydia, for being able to launch your book with much fanfare.

I should also state here that the book is a really wonderful read, just like her previous collection, Life's Like That. Having already had a chance to read it in public, I can now tag it "Laugh-out-loud-funny".

It also certainly benefits from having Hassan Bahri's illustrations accompanying the text. The illustrated cover he did for the book is one of the best covers I've seen on a locally published book. (One that comes close that I can think of right now is Cinta Ubi dan Laksa, a Malay young adult novel-comic hybrid).

Having Adibah Amin write the intro is a huge plus too... though I thought it was a little insubstantial. (Yeah, yeah I know it's only an intro... but I was left feeling with a "huh-that's-it?" feeling.)

I managed to say hi to Xeus, Yvonne Foong, Lydia Teh (obviously) and Eric, who I finally got to meet. And he really is nice like so many other people say! Hooray! (As a side note, according to Xeus, seems MPH Publishing needs editors. Think you're up for the job? Get in touch with Eric.)


  1. Hi Ted, it's the first time I'm having a launch for my book. It's great that it's held together with the MPH charity carnival, that's why it's so grand. Thanks for your kind words about Honk! Glad you found it laugh-out-loud funny. Honk honk!

  2. No problem, Lydia. Your book deserves it! :)


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