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Hey New Year. I'm Talking to You!

Now that 2006 has packed his bags and left town, it's time we sat face to face and had a little chat. You see, 2006 was good. But he wasn't all that good. He had his good moments, yeah, but there were a lot of screw ups and disappointments which I want to lessen with you.

Yes, yes, 2007, I would like our partnership to be a good one. That means I want to have one that is without much problems. Yeah, yeah. I know it's impossible to expect no trouble at all... but it's good to set high standards and to work towards it. Set too low a standard and there won't be any challenge when we work together to further my - I mean our - goals. Trouble is good when we can learn from the lessons of our mistakes but too much of trouble might cloud our vision and lead to depression. And depression sucks when you're a teetotaller and non-smoker like me. I have to make do with Campbell's Cream of Corn and lemme tell you, that's no way to drown one's sorrows!

So here's what I'm expecting to accomplish in our collaboration:
  1. I will finish my novel (from one of two manuscripts I started with Mr. 2006)
  2. I will write at least 12 short stories, one to equal each month. It's a no-brainer that I will be sending them out, so what I want you to do is to try and steal time - I don't care where you get it, try looking where there's lots of it, like in the mountains or the ocean or something - and give it to the editors to read my stories.
  3. I will start translating stories into English (for fun and not much for profit).
  4. From the same mountains and oceans, save some of that time for me so I can read at least 54 books this year, one book for each week.
  5. Remind me to pay my Internet bills on time so I don't have to wait till I get into the office so I can start blogging.
  6. I shall contribute to that Manuscripts Don't Burn blog. *cough*
Well, that's it for now. We'll make more goals up as we go along, 2007. This looks like the start of a beautiful friendship.

And stop slouching. We've got work to do.


  1. Point two sounds like a great idea to churn out writing regularly! Hope you don't mind if I steal that idea for myself.

    Happy writing and Happy New Year!

  2. Sure, steal it and pin it up on your wall if you have to! :D

    Happy new year to you too!

  3. You want to read a book a week? I'm not nearly so ambitious... I'm taking Sharon Bakar's one a month :P

    Good luck! Now I am dreadfully curious about your novel's plot... dying for you to finish it and publish it so I can read it! hehehe

  4. I'm blessed with lots of time during my commute on the LRT to and from work so for me it's possible.

    I'm curious where my novel's plot is heading... doesn't seem like it wants to go where I want it to go! These characters... always taking a life of their own...


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