Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Here There Be Dragons.

Looks like more adventures are coming out of Middle Earth, written by none other than JRR Tolkien himself! From the grave... oooooooh~

In actuality, Children of Hurin, is edited and and painstakingly arranged by Christopher Tolkien (son of JRR) and is slated for an April release, just in time for my birthday. Hurray! I just hope it's not the snoozefest The Silmarillion was.

From the Tolkien Library:
Túrin is born into a Middle-earth crushed by the recent victory of the Dark Lord, Morgoth, and his monstrous army. The greatest warriors among Elves and Men have perished and Túrin’s father, Húrin, has been captured. For his defiance, Húrin’s entire family is cursed by Morgoth to be brought down into darkness and despair. But, like his father, Túrin refuses to be cowed by Morgoth and as he grows so does the legend of the deadly hero. In a land overrun with marauding Orcs, Túrin gathers to him a band of outlaws and gradually they begin to turn the tide in the war for supremacy of Middle-earth.

Then Morgoth unleashes his greatest weapon: Glaurung, Mightiest of Dragons, and he proves an unstoppable foe. As the Dragon carves a fiery swathe through Middle-earth there remains only one man who can slay him, but to do that he will first have to confront his destiny.
OMFG! Dragons! How cool issat!

Hold on! Morgoth? Isn't he Sauron's master? It's been a while so my Tolkien lore's a little rusty, but if Morgoth's in this one, does this mean the novel's set before The Hobbit and The Fellowship? Hmm...


  1. Can't wait to have my hands on this book.

    As for your question, yes and yes.

    Yes, Morgoth a.k.a Morgoth Bauglir (originally known as Melkor) was, Sauron's master.

    Yes, the story is set before the event of "The Hobbit" and "The Fellowship" as the story is set during "The First Age" of Middle Earth.

  2. Ah! Thank you very much! That clears things up.

  3. Yes, Morgoth rules!

    (I'm about to asnwer your question but Mr. Amaruhizat already did, huhu).

    Anyway, Morgoth rules


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