Monday, 28 May 2007

Writers and Their Favourite Fonts.

Depending on the computer I use (I alternate between an iBook and a PC), I write my drafts in New York (the font, not the city) or in Georgia (ditto). Then, before printing, I reformat my manuscript to Courier 12pt so it looks "typewritten".

I guess I'm in good company. Recently in Slate, they asked a selection of writers their favourite fonts. And Jonathan Lethem (writer of Fortress of Solitude) says:
"Before computers, I wrote three novels on a typewriter, and there can never be anything but 12-point Courier (double-spaced) forever..."
It seems that Courier, and its sibling Courier New, remain the font of choice for writers, but other fonts get some loving too. Palatino, Times, Hoefler Text... all good fonts too, but not what I would use to compose my magnum opus.


  1. I write in Arial 10pt. I don't like serif fonts on the computer screen but I like them on printed paper :P

  2. Ooh! I couldn't write in Arial. Read online in Arial, yes. Write, no.

    My rule has always been:
    - Sans-serif for online reading
    - Serif for offline reading

  3. Times New Roman - always...

    Good entry. I may want to blog about this, later.

    -Nisah Haron-

  4. I thought it's just a personal quirk but Courier definitely rules!
    Likewise, the typewritten feeling of Courier won me over. It shouts take my work seriously... :)

  5. Times Roman. Courier appears more 'writerly' though. Editors and agents prefer fonts to be in either Times or Courier, 10 or 12 point.

  6. Hey, everyone! Thanks for telling me what font you use. I had a feeling Courier/Times were the fonts of choice.

    I know someone who types in Comic Sans though. Horrors!

  7. Times New Roman for novel manuscripts; arial for emails; Trebuchet MS for my bogs and website; Verdana for almost all other documents.

    Everyone, you must avoid Comic Sans Serif at all costs!

  8. Good choice for your websites.

    Comic Sans is the DEVIL! Although... it is rumoured he prefers Helvetica.


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