Wednesday, 19 December 2007

The Last Man on Earth.

So you watched I Am Legend with Will Smith. (Actually I watched it with my wife but let's not bicker semantics now.) Perhaps, like me, you thought it was good for the first two-thirds of the movie. Then it all goes downhill.

The ending? A pure WTF moment. Am I right or am I right?

It goes without saying that the book was better. But if you're the sort of person who wants to know how the story should have ended without actually reading the book, there's always the option of watching the original movie made in 1964 starring Vincent Price.

And thanks to the wonders of the Internets, you can actually download it at the Internet Archive. Or if you're too lazy to do that, here it is, embedded just for you!

Now you can watch the ending as God The Flying Spagetti Monster Richard Dawkins Richard Matheson intended!

The film though given the title of "The Last Man on Earth" and having had the protagonist's name changed from Robert Neville to Robert Morgan, keeps mostly to the plot found in the book and is so far the most faithful adaptation of the book yet.

I watched this the day before I went to watch I Am Legend and I thought it was a fine film. A bit slower paced but that's as it should be.


  1. Haha... Some of us shared the same sentiments, in fact a whole theatre full of fitness instructors. LOL.

  2. Sounds like you and your pals had a lot of fun together, stressful viewing experience aside!

  3. Agree after a while it goes downhill.

    and the WTF ending also.

    quote from my friend: "i am legend is a movie afraid to be himself"

    I don't care if they change here and there, but make it interesting.

    Boo to the ending.


  4. Afraid to be itself huh? Well maybe that might get fixed in a special edition DVD in the years to come. Apparently there was a different flimed ending, or so says the director. That might be interesting to see if true.


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