Sunday, 27 January 2008

Readings@Seksan's January 2008.

This month's edition of Readings was special because it was its third birthday since Bernice Chauly started the first session at NoBlackTie.

First to read was Shih-Li Kow, reading the title story in Silverfish's latest short story compilation, News From Home.

Then Tunku Halim took the mic and read a story from The Gravedigger's Kiss and Other Stories. Notice how he looks creepy in the photo below. Look at how Sharon Bakar shivers at his very presence! (And he wasn't even wearing his fedora!)

Bernice Chauly read several poems from her latest book, Book of Sins, which incidentally was launched at the same event.

During the break, Sharon and Bernice blew the candles on the birthday cake. Happy Birthday, Readings! Lepas itu, kita makan kek sesama diri!

After the break, Chuah Kok Yee proceeded to read his version of "The Three Little Pigs" which was also published in News From Home.

Chuah Guat Eng read excerpts from three of her short stories, which are featured in her also newly released book, The Old House and Other Stories. One of the things that clued me in that I was listening to a very experienced writer was the way she read. Very impressive! I look forward to reading her book, which I have now added to my TBR pile.

The final reader of the day was Gerald Chuah who shared with the audience his love for the Rocky movie series and his undoubtedly Rocky-like moments on getting his book In the Eye of the Tiger published. In the Eye of the Tiger sounds interesting; it seems to be a sort of a self-help book which gleans inspirational life lessons from Sylvester Stallone's movies. I found the cover a little odd though, but I guess it fits with the book's theme?

And this is Tunku Halim in a fedora! Argh! Scary!

Also! Who is that strapping young man in that yellow shirt? Swoon!

More pics in my flickr.


  1. Hi Ted, thank you for the review of my talk, and the great "frontal" pix. You and your readers can download the first chapter of IN THE EYE OF THE TIGER at
    Thank you for your support.


  2. Hey Gerald, thanks for dropping by! I'll add a link to my sidebar to help you out. Good luck with your book!


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