Friday, 4 April 2008

KLIBF Day 1.

So we managed to set up the booth without anybody's head getting chopped off. No cats got impaled either although I don't know if the annoying kids singing the nursery-songs-turned-nasyid on the other side survived or not.

I'm at Booth #3030 at Tun Razak 3, all day and every day. The booth's name is under Koperasi Buku Malaysia/MLSI but I'm hawking books for Suarasuara Publications. I've got books from Suarasuara, catalogues from RA Fine Arts Gallery, the Mea Culpa book I told you about (only RM20!) and a bunch of second-hand books you may find worthwhile.

Even if you're not interested in any of those wares, and you're at the book fair, do drop by anyway and have a chat. Because I am sad and lonely*. I haven't checked for wifi yet, but I doubt it. (I don't even have a plug point to plug my ibook in.)

I didn't have a proper look around yet, having been round only the floor I am so far. I'm taking it easy this year since this is the first time I'm going to be spending ten-fricking-days here. However, I'm lucky that Al-Ameen (3147 - 3149, TR3) is on the same floor as me. I dropped by twice. The first time I barely missed both Faisal Tehrani and Nisah Haron, or so the salesgirl told me. Later, I had another chance to drop by after I had lunch, and finally got to meet Faisal.

This is my first time meeting him, and when I introduced myself to him while I was shoving the books into his face for him to sign (there were three and each had a different message--something I really appreciate!), I was surprised he actually knew me!

We had a nice but too brief chat (his fans kept coming... and coming...) and he posed to me a challenge which I shall certainly consider. Won't tell details yet, don't want to jinx it ;) Anyway, I'm glad I finally got to meet him. He gives off a different impression than the one you might get if you read his often very opinionated blogposts which just goes to say you can't judge a person by his or her blog. Am looking forward to reading my newly-bought Faisal Tehrani books.

So! All in all, a good day for a first day. Tired but happy, so the cliché goes.

*not really.

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