Tuesday, 8 April 2008

KLIBF Day 4 and 5.

Weekdays are slow days for the bookfair. The crowd was noticeably lesser and the sales disappointingly reflected that.

Monday started out "interesting" for me. My shift for that day only started at 2pm so I had the luzury of waking up a bit later than usual. I promised Firdaus Ariff to have lunch with him at 1pm so at around 12pm I left the house...

...only to be called to the side at a police roadblock.

For the record, I drive a 1968 Volkswagen Beetle and for the past five years I've been driving it, I have never been called aside, even when I wasn't wearing the seatbelt. You see, the police have never really given that much a glance at old cars when it comes to seatbelts, so I've never really bothered to wear mine. Dangerous, I know, but I guess I like living on the edge?

So yesterday, the policeman comes up to me, sees I'm not wearing my seatbelt and goes ahead and gives me a summons. I'm all okay with that. As far as I'm concerned, it's a fair cop. I broke the rules and I gots to pay. (Although I wished the friendly officer didn't make it so obvious he needed some extra *hint hint nudge nudge* change. Nak saman, saman je la.)

But what I'm really incensed about the whole thing is that these so-called friendly neighbourhood policemen were ever-vigilant to stop criminals from not wearing their seatbelts, while the previous day, when my car had that blown-up tyre, a police car passed by and hardly ever gave so much as a look in my direction. You could say they were busy on their way to stop an important crime going on somewhere, but I didn't see their sirens flashing, and they weren't in a hurry to get anywhere.

Would it have hurt them to stop and at least ask what's up? I could've used the help at the time! I'm glad to see the Royal Malaysian Police care so much about the rakyat!

Other than that, Day 4 was mostly uneventful.

Today, Day 5, was almost as uneventful. The only thing worth of note was that I had lunch with John Norafizan as well as Rizal Abdullah from Kaki Novel.

Ooh. Also I finished reading Faisal Tehrani's 1515 while at the fair. Yay me!


  1. hehe, bagus, kenakan itu korup polis! 1515 at one go? gila!

  2. Well, not in one go, but in two days! I was bored, you see...


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