Thursday, 3 April 2008


It looks like I may be at the KL International Bookfair the whole gorram time, looking after a certain booth. I'm not sure the booth is under what name yet but I assume its Suarasuara Publications. Or it could be RA Fine Arts. Or maybe even Koperasi Penjual Buku Malaysia or something similarly proper- and baku-sounding.

If you're visiting KLIBF and braving the smelly crowds, don't forget to say hi to me! I'll update details on my booth location when I get them. Hopefully today, but I excel in inefficiency so I make no promises!

UPDATE: I'll be at Booth #3030 at Tun Razak Hall 3.

Things to look forward to during KLIBF: cheap Dawama magazines (okay, maybe you don't buy them, but I have an odd fascination reserved solely for "approved" Malay-literature), new PTS books (am hoping to get some modernised Malay classics) and fringe literature.

One example of fringe literature I think could be Amirul Fakir's new independently published book, Mea Culpa, an anthology of short stories in Malay. I'm not sure when they're going to launch it, but it's going on sale at the KLIBF at the booth I'll be at, and also at RA Fine Arts Gallery, where I work (most of the time).

There's also an art exhibition at the same gallery starting this Saturday, also called Mea Culpa, and it features artworks inspired by the short stories in Amirul Fakir's book.

Personally, I haven't read it yet (the books haven't yet left the press as I write this), but from the little excerpts I've read in the little promo books they've left around the exhibition, Mea Culpa looks like it will be a fun read. Imagine Kafka at his trippiest or a Malaysian-themed Jorge Luis Borges and you're probably halfway there.

I'll try to blog more about the exhibition later, which to me is the most interesting since I started working here in RA Fine Arts Gallery. That is, if they have some sort of free wireless net access at the book fair. I highly doubt it though but hey you never know.


  1. Don't think I'll be able to make the KLIBF, dude. So counting on your observations... ;)

  2. That's okay. Not sure what sort of obeservations I'll be making since I'm gonna be chained to a chair and table most of the time :D


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