Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Shoulda just bought it instead.

There was some confusion with Kinokuniya (and maybe even The Star) and I won't be reviewing Murakami's Running Book. They gave the review copy to someone else instead. Ah well. Alea jacta est and all that.

Wish they could have told me earlier because then I could have just bought the book and read it already instead of having to twiddle my thumbs.

In the meantime I'm reading an ARC of The Hour I First Believed by Wally Lamb which MPH kindly gave me. So far so good, although the protagonist is getting to be a little too flawed for my liking.


  1. 1. you get 'jerk'y comments as well? surprising...and all you talk about is/are books. (i'm confused with my tenses this morning!)

    2. btw, what do you think of Wally Lamb, really? i'm interested but not too interested.

  2. i'm sorry to hear that. yeah, we had copies and they sold out pretty quickly. i haven't bought one myself (and i usually buy new murakamis while they're still in the logistics!) pre-orders and reservations and all that. *sigh*

  3. bibi: Well, sometimes I get jerks dropping by but I delete most of them.

    As for Wally Lamb, haven't read his previous books, but this one's all right so far. It's about a teacher who survives the Columbine School massacre but where I'm at the massacre hasn't happened yet. His characterisation is very deep and I find myself very drawn towards the people inside the story even though I think they're kind of assholes :D

    marineko: I noticed new stock has already come in! (Was stalking Kino almost every day last week.) Hopefully when my paycheque comes a copy will still be there for me :)


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