Monday, 1 June 2009

Lesson: Commemorative Covers are Lame.

Well, I got the first day cover that commemorates the 35th anniversary of the establishment diplomatic relations between China and Malaysia that I mentioned a couple of posts ago.

Except that it's not a first day cover, it's a commemorative cover, which is a slightly different beast. I guess I should read the news article properly next time!

The difference between the two is that first day covers are specially-designed envelopes stuck on with specially-designed stamps, and marked with a specially-designed postmark. A commemorative cover is a specially-designed envelope... and that's it.

All in all, it's an unremarkable affair, especially if you're used to well-designed first day covers (not that Malaysian first day covers are well-designed... but I digress). Oh sure, a commemorative cover has a stamp printed right on to it but that's just like an overglorified aerogramme. Lame.

On the whole, what a disappointment. I haven't been collecting first day covers for years and was hoping to get back into it with a really cool cover but I guess this was not to be. I was expecting much more effort for something like this. Hopefully the next one will be more interesting but I doubt it. The next theme planned is "Conservation of the Environment" which isn't exactly an inspiring theme.


  1. Hi Ted
    Shame to hear you've had such a disappointing experience. I actually work for a UK cover producer - although we don't do Malaysian we do produce nice covers - both commemorative and first day, and always in limited numbers. If you're interested and would like to know more, please feel free to contact me at:

  2. Ted! Coming to NBT this Sunday?

  3. Sorry, Amir. Will be in Kluang.

  4. stefphannie.soon28/6/09 2:07 am

    Hey Ted,

    Are you Teddy? And I think the Conservation of the Environment theme can be an inspiring one if those endangered CUTE LOOKING faunas are used as models.

    just my 1 cent...

  5. Hi Bunny, yeah it's me. Well, since I wrote this blog post, Pos Malaysia released the first day cover for Conservation of the Environment and it was so-so. There weren't any fauna btw


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