Monday, 13 February 2012

REVIEW: Goodbye, Goddess by Breanna Teintze

Goodbye, Goddess by Breanna Teintze is a beautiful and well-written collection of high fantasy short stories that I would not hesitate to recommend to my friends.

I loved how even though the stories were self-contained, the world described in them seemed to be larger than it appeared and while the stories had a small element of "sensawunda" they really focused more on the characters rather than the fantastic.

One of my favourite stories in this collection was about a rogue mage who is reluctantly asked by some villagers to investigate a recent murder. It's at once a fantasy story, a Western story, a whodunnit, rolled into one and even has a big showdown in the end. Brilliant!

My other favourite story is about a village idiot who is asked to slay a dragon. The story is simple, but the loving care in which it is written and the humourous but logical way in which the dragon is ultimately vanquished makes this one memorable.

That's not to say the other stories in the collection aren't any good. Far from it! They are all excellent and wonderful reads and you owe yourself to check them out, especially when the ebook can be had for a very cheap price on Amazon or Smashwords.

For more on Breanna Teintze, check out her blog.


  1. Thanks for reading, Ted! I always love hearing which story was a reader's favorite - and the murder mystery/western/fantasy piece has been a winner for a lot of people. (Which has surprised me because I wrote it in three days.)

    Thanks again!

    1. You're welcome, Breanna. I've already told you I'm awaiting your novel with bated breath but now I'm thinking whether I should goad you into writing more short stories instead.

      *evil laugh*


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