Wednesday, 18 April 2012

The Starship Aprilis: Preparations For Home

This blogpost is part of the A to Z Challenge which begins on April 1st. The goal is to post every day (except Sunday) in the month of April. Each blogpost will be associated with a letter of the alphabet. Check the A to Z Challenge page for more information.

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The Starship Aprilis was a common and unremarkable transport ship built on Earth, back when humans were still bipedal and mostly organic creatures. The ship travelled between the many human colonies that were established at the time throughout the galaxy and served as both a cargo carrier and passenger transporter.

The ship finally met its end when it was stuck in a crushing gravity field off of Taurus Baqara C, which killed all who were aboard and destroyed all the on-board data and most importantly, the ship’s log. Of the ship only a small section survived, which was discovered quite recently several million light years away, in a slow decaying orbit around a black hole.

The remains of the ship offers no clue as to what really happened to consign the ship to its fate. The only document that could be salvaged from the remains is a travelogue, believed to be written by an unknown crewmember. The travelogue offers a glimpse of what life was like for a traveller of the stars in those heady days, thousands and thousands of years ago. Most importantly, it gives us a glimpse of many different planets and what they were like during the time.

The following entries are excerpts from the travelogue. May you find amusement and enjoyment from reading them.

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Now that the Aprilis has finished unloading its cargo and has brought on new supplies from Lepus Lupus, it is time for it to make the long journey back to Earth.

I’m still on shore leave and am not involved in the preparations for the journey back. So I’m taking this chance to explore the planet before I’m called back into duty.

The Aprilis will not be taking the same route home. This time we will be taking a slightly more scenic route by way of Zubanaljanubiyy. I’ve also heard rumours we might be stopping by to analyse the space crab that caught the Karaboudjan.

Not sure if that’s a wise thing to do but if there is science to do, I guess there we will be.


  1. I too am worried about the upcoming encounter with the space crab. Surely, there is a shortcut in space?

  2. World building is fascinating. Thanks for the glimpse of your science ship.
    #14 following

  3. You haven't updated in a long while, Ted. Miss your posts. Come back soon! =)

    1. Yeah! I've been busy. Will try to get back into the game soon. A friend's been pushing me to finish all the things I've started but haven't finished... :D


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