Novels and Novellas

Unannounced Title

More information will be revealed later!

Serial Fiction

Isabella Crowe: Lady Adventurer

I am in the planning stages of starting a serialised steampunk novel project in the traditions of Victorian pulp literature. More info to come!

Short Stories

Zombies Ate My Muslim (E-book)

All he wants is to have a simple life.

And that simple life he wants to spend with his celebrity girlfriend, Barbra Streisand. But unbeknownst to him, his darling Barbra has become a Muslim... which isn't a bad thing. Except for the rampaging zombie horde outside his front door who only want to eat Muslims.

Between the Muslim-hungry zombies and the Google Robots that want to steal his Brussels Sprouts, can he save the woman he loves before she gets eaten? Will things ever be simple for him?

Available at:

The Secret Operation in the Matriarch's Kitchen (E-book)

Two hair-dryers from outer space visit a normal home on Earth to rescue a fellow home appliance from the shackles of slavery. However, the blender they came to rescue does not seem willing to follow them...

Available at: | Smashwords | iTunes | Diesel eBooks

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