Mastura's Air Lengkong Adventure

Hungry in Ipoh (anthology), print, 2015

A cool headed assassin finally finds his ultimate mark. The assassin kidnaps him, and drags him to a very familiar location. Motivated by revenge, this is the night the assassin delivers a long awaited retribution.

The Ghost in the Garden

Griffith Review 49: New Asia Now Volume 2 (literary journal), e-book, 2015

A man remembers his family's past on the eve of the demolition of his grandmother's home.

What the Andromaid Reads at Night

Cyberpunk: Malaysia (anthology), print & e-book, 2015

What do andromaids get up to at night? In a dystopian Malaysia (I repeat myself, I know), andromaids are the most popular kind of labor available for housekeeping duties. But when their artificial intelligence goes beyond just their cleaning duties and they start reading prohibited texts, not only are they destined for the scrap heap, they bring down the wrath of the authorities on their families.

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The Dangers of Growing Air-cooled Volkswagens in Your Backyard

e-book, 2015

When Sayyid opted to become an organic Volkswagen farmer, he did not expect the Volkswagens to misbehave and break out of his backyard. Now those crazy air-cooled vehicles are running loose in the neighborhood and only Sayyid can stop them. But the situation gets even more out of hand when they invade the home of cranky old Mrs. Winters and take her hostage. In this action-packed and absurd short story, all bets are off as to whether humans or air-cooled Volkswagens survive to see another day.

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Pak Sudin's Bicycle

Readings from Readings 2 (anthology), print, 2012

Old Pak Sudin's livelihood depends on ferrying the village children to school on his old rusty bicycle. But when his bicycle breaks, his fellow villagers won't even give him the support he needs...

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Zombies Ate My Muslim

e-book, 2011

All he wants is to have a simple life.

And that simple life he wants to spend with his celebrity girlfriend, Barbra Streisand. But unbeknownst to him, his darling Barbra has become a Muslim... which isn't a bad thing. Except for the rampaging zombie horde outside his front door who only want to eat Muslims.

Between the Muslim-hungry zombies and the Google Robots that want to steal his Brussels Sprouts, can he save the woman he loves before she gets eaten? Will things ever be simple for him?

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The Secret Operation in the Matriarch's Kitchen

Write Out Loud (anthology), print, 2006
e-book, 2011

Two hair-dryers from outer space visit a normal home on Earth to rescue a fellow home appliance from the shackles of slavery. However, the blender they came to rescue does not seem willing to follow them...

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