Friday, 30 June 2006

Lydia Teh Reveals Secrets of the Amazon!

If you've read the Snapshots! webpage mentioned earlier on, Aneeta mentions how she can't get her book on Amazon because her book is not published by a publisher based in the US. She's still got hope, however, because Lydia Teh explains how a book can be listed on Amazon.

To add a bit into this, if Aneeta used Lulu's services, would it help? If I remember correctly, they have a package that lets you sell your book on Amazon (you keep all rights, unlike iUniverse), with the caveat being that your publisher would actually be listed as Lulu (which might not be so cool, because actually you're self-publishing through your own label).


  1. good thinking! i would say go digital. get your book ready here. either print on demand or send manuscript to a local publisher. at the same time send it electronically to lulu or i-universe. book available both here and there.

    i bought my first i-universe published book (psychology)the other day through abebooks and as a customer am very happy with it.

  2. Hi Ted!

    It's good to see you and Lydia and Sharon posting getting the ball rolling on this topic and starting the interesting discussion about why and how to get a book on

    Yes, there are local books from M'sia selling there, like Lydia's, Lee Su Kim's and my book too.

    Thanks for the good job!

  3. That's a catchy title, Revealing Secrets of the Amazon. Wish I'd thought of it!

  4. Sharon: That's a good idea. A locally-printed version for distribution in the region and a Lulu-printed version for Amazon and overseas. (I'm actually a bit anti-iUniverse, because of their author-unfriendly policies and their misleading advertisements.)

    Yvonne: You're welcome, glad it's appreciated :)

    Lydia: Hehe! I'm a little proud of it myself, embarassingly so!

  5. Great that everyone's talking about this issue!

    And yes, you have all the reason to be proud of the title of this post!

  6. Thanks, Aneeta! Glad to have you in on the discussion!


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