Saturday, 26 August 2006

Ted at 67 Jalan Tempinis Satu.

Me, reading "Ghost in the Garden".

Update 1:
I was knackered yesterday, so I didn't get to post much.

Anyway, the readings went great! Though I rushed through my piece, everyone seemed nice about it... ("I didn't hear it well, but it sounded great.")

Both Jessie and Saradha read lovely stories from their collection of short stories, Snapshots!

Fairul "Roy" Nizam read some really good poetry in Malay, of which I thought "Merdeka!" was his best.

Sharanya read a beautiful, lyrical excerpt from her WIP novel, and Jasmine Low read some good pieces of writing, with the one I like most the "Man in the Middle".

Also, some people seem to be a little confused over my surname. You'll have to talk to my parents about that, but I can tell you I'm not from East Malaysia. I grew up in Ipoh.

Update 2:
Haiyah. I totally forgot about the Open Mic session. *slaps head*
KG read his poem, "anal" and Patrick Dominique read one about women. They were fantastic speakers.

More Pictures:
  1. Don't miss Sharon's write-up
  2. Leon has some pics up (including one of a pig cage, whee!)
  3. Sharanya has a nice pic of my profile and other arty ones too!
  4. Nizam Zakaria has more pics
  5. Vovin couldn't hear me read :( I will read louder next time, promise!


  1. How did the reading go, Ted?

  2. Nice to have met you in person, Ted. Nice reading. There are more pics at

  3. nice reading indeed, ted, well done

  4. Hi Ted, sorry we didn't get to chat much yesterday (I still feel kind of like an idiot for asking what your name was again... blame the wine!). I've posted my pics of the event up on my blog as well. I hope you like the shot of you, although I wish I had moved around more to try different angles.

  5. Xeus: I guess it went okay? Was very nervous... brrr. But I'm better prepared for a next time now! hehe

    Leon: Thanks! It was nice to have met you too!

    Sharon: Thanks! Wish I wasn't so nervous though... all the pics of me that's up seem to make me look really angry... haha

    Sharanya: Hey Sharanya, it was great to have met you. No need to feel like an idiot... I do it all the time, even without wine! hehe... the pic of me is lovely, as is all the others you took. I love how you got my profile!

  6. Hello Ted.

    You were the first person I met at the Readings. And we didn't talk much after that. Anyway, thanks for liking my poetry. You did well too, man. :).

    Don't worry about the volume Ted, Nizam Zakaria said that my voice was kinda slow too.

    Hey, send my regards to your dad. I really like his sketching. I was sitting behind him and couldn't help noticing when he started to sketch. Super cool!

  7. Hey Roy, your poetry is, like, Da Bomb, totally!

    I keep rereading 'Merdeka' over and over again, because it's so cool! I suppose one could say it struck a chord with me... or something.

    I'll tell my dad you said that. He'll get smug about it but at least he'll be pleased... haha! I really like the sketch he did of me. I must ask him to scan that in for me one of these days.

    Thanks for dropping by Roy and I hope we get to meet again some other time.


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