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Interview with Karen-Ann Theseira.

Karen-Ann Theseira talks to Aneeta Sundararaj about Book Project 3:
Our project is a project in progress. We will learn, grow and continue to challenge ourselves. We strive to make every book an improvement from the last. We believe there are no bad writers and no bad stories. Everyone is given a sporting chance and due respect. Having said that, I do know we have a responsibility to the paying public as our books must be worthy of the retail price. We must strike a balance.

We don't compete or compare. We just do what we do to the best of our ability. Book 3 is a compilation of fictional stories. Personally, I am very impressed with the level of imagination, originality and creativity in this book. If all goes well, the launch of book 3 will be in Dec. of this year.


  1. it's an interesting interview, and aneeta is doing a good job.

    good luck to Karen-Ann and i wish her all the best despite my intial cynicism. at least she sticking with her project and anything that encourages writers is good. and i'm glad she is showing an ongoing commitment.

    glad that she realises that she has

    a responsibility to the paying public as our books must be worthy of the retail price.

    because for me this is the sticking point. the first two books (i bought the second) seem more like vanity publishing, the writing very pedestrian. i'm all for encouraging young writers, but you must help them grow and develop. i think you should also make them struggle to get in print by being a great deal more selective. it makes them stronger in the end. (rejection is good you see, ted!) or at the very least workshop the stories, encourage rewrites, set standards.

    more struggle, less blanket acceptance will make future collections better reads.

    we believe there are no bad writers

    sorry, i really beg to differ. whilst everyone can find pleasure and fulfilment writing for themselves, it does no good to put second-rate stuff into the public arena, because readers need to take pleasure too

    encourage higher standards and i will be as enthusiastic about the project as you are, Karen-Ann!

  2. When I read the interview, the part about there being "no bad writers and no bad stories" jump up at me like a Jack-in-the-box.

    There are bad writers and bad stories. I don't have to look far. My earlier writing was atrocious, truly not fit for printing. But if one practises the craft, writing is something that can be polished and honed.

    *Blanket acceptance* - do you mean that every submitted story makes it into print?

    But kudos to Karen-Ann for initiating and sticking with this project. Writers need all the encouragement they can get.

  3. Ted, a launch! Don't forget to invite me.

  4. I showed this link to Karen-Ann and this is what she said (at the time Lydia hadn't posted her comment yet):

    "...very valid, helpful and fair. I agree with her and understand her concerns. I'll just have to work harder!"

    Personally, I think she's doing her best. I'm not sure about Book Projects 1 and 2, but for Book Project 3 there *is* a screening process, and some stories submitted end up not getting selected. She gives a lot of constructive criticism and is actively involved in the editing stage. There is, at least, some level of quality expected for Book 3. And I'm not saying this just because I have a story in it... hehe!

    Xeus, of course! Details not yet set in stone, however. Will update you when I find out ;)

  5. really glad to hear that karen-ann takes feedback positively. sorry if i sounded more grumpy and critical than i should have.

    glad too that there is more screening for the third book.

    i guess these things have to grow organically and that editors also have to learn. really we don't have too many role models and too much encouragement.

    well done anyway ted. i also look forward to your launch. (and yes, i will buy the book)

  6. Three times huh? Hahaha... I'm flattered... but by now fedup already la ya? mwahaha!

    I agree with you that editors have to have high standards. As readers, we trust them to filter out the bad writers and to give us good ones. Self-publishing should only be used as a last-resort and even then thought over many times.

    btw, Book Project 1 & 2 can be found in MPH mostly but I have seen them in Kinokuniya too.


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