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My Sunday.

Went to Xeus's talk at MPH MidValley yesterday. Finally got to meet Lydia Teh and Yvonne Lee, and along with Xeus, we chatted a bit before Xeus started her talk. It was great meeting you guys!

Xeus talked about the ways of making money from writing (query newspaper and magazine editors because they're always up for interesting stories or features for their lifestyle or expertise sections), her experience writing Dark City (took her two months to finish the first draft), and what she has in store for the future (a children's book, of which a synopsis is available on her blog).

I also got for myself a copy of Diane Setterfield's Thirteenth Tale, which is absolutely amazing. I wasn't planning on reading this just yet, but while I was waiting for Xeus's talk to begin, I read the first page... and well, I couldn't stop reading it. Have had to ditch Jhumpa Lahiri's Interpreter of Maladies aside for now 'cause I've been totally sucked in.

The book is a love-letter to books and reading; the protaganist is the daughter of an antiquarian bookstore owner, and she's an amateur biographer who admits to a preference of talking with dead people by reading the books written by them. Throw in a prolific writer with a mysterious past - "the Dickens of our time" - and is famous for publishing a much-publicised book called "Thirteen Tales" but strangely contains only twelve, and have her request the protaganist to interview her out of the blue. That's the premise of The Thirteenth Tale.

Setterfield's prose just grabs you and you just want to go along for the ride and not wanting it to stop... and... well, you get the picture. The book's just good.

Check out the official website, or the Amazon page.


  1. Thanks for coming, Ted! Just waiting for your book launch. BTW, after that, we went to Payless too.

  2. So I hear from Yvonne! Haha... heard she picked up some good books. How bout you? Or you scared no space in the house? :p

  3. No space in the house :) But I asked the others to get The Horse Whisperer and The Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood :)

    After that they all came over to my house, and I begged them to help me get rid of my stuff too!

  4. Hello Ted - I believe you will enjoy reading Diane Setterfield's The Thirteenth Tale (2006). I absolutely enjoyed it. It is one of those books which you will enjoy reading the second time. Happy reading!

  5. Thanks Eric. It is certainly an unputdownable book. I'm usually a slow reader but I've zoomed through the first three chapters in what usually takes me a few days!

  6. Ted..I will get this book!Eliza.

  7. Great! Hope you like it!


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