Friday, 8 September 2006

Round-up of Literary Events.

What to do during the weekend?

First there's the Payless Warehouse Sale that's on even as we speak, and lasts till Sunday, 7pm.

Then on Saturday, at MPH MidValley, there'll be some author appearances you should go to and support:

Snapshots by Aneeta Sundaraj, Saradha Sarayanan and A. Jessie Michael
2.00 – 3.00pm, Courtyard

This is a collection of stories that are basically snapshots of everyday life through the authors’ eyes. They are stories designed to appeal to both men and women with no specific theme. Join the authors as they share some of the stories written in the book.

Author Appearance by Faisal Tehrani
4.00 – 5.00pm, Courtyard

Here's your chance to meet one of the biggest names in Malay literature. Join the author of Si Peniup Ney, 1515 Kombat, 1511 and Surat Surat Perempuan Johor as he will be here to share with you some of his literary collection.

Then on Sunday, also at MPH MidValley, Xeus will be making an appearance:

Dark City By Xeus
3.00 – 4.00pm, Courtyard

Here’s a book which draws on the dark and unsavory sides of human nature festering in urban life: sex, murder, rape, abuse, hubris, revenge, greed and unnatural desires are only some of the subjects. The themes are so universal that anyone living in any city in the world would be able to find similar cases in the daily news. Meet the author and hear what she has to say on her experience of writing the book.


  1. I wish I visited your blog on Friday - looks like I've missed all the author meets, again.

  2. Well, you're not out of luck... Sunday Star has a list of upcoming author events too!


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