Friday, 15 September 2006

This month's readings at Lorong Tempinis Satu.

From Sharon:
The next "Readings" in our monthly series of readings will be held next Saturday, 23rd September, 2006, with the aim of showcasing local writers and encouraging new talent. We have a very exciting and varied line-up for you, so come and join us for an afternoon of words, wit and wine!

Reading this time:

Jit Murad
Aneeta Sundararaj
Patricia Sykes
Amir Hafizi
Joy Teh

Time: 3.30pm
Date: 23rd September 2006
Place: 67, Lorong Tempinis Satu, Lucky Garden, Bangsar (for directions check

"Readings" is initiated by Bernice Chauly, and is currently organized by Sharon Bakar and made possible by the gracious sponsorship of Seksan from 67 Tempinis Satu and La Bodega.

Sharon Bakar Writer/ teacher hp: 012-6848835


  1. thanks ted. Just noticed i missed a word out

    monthly series of readings!

  2. Fixed.

    btw, I can't come... Streamyx contractor says the only time he can come over is 4pm on that particular Saturday. Hmf.

  3. aiyoh ted ... that's too sad. i think it is going to be an interesting afternoon.

  4. Aiyo, I've always wanted to come for these readings, but it seems that I always have something important to do during weekends...

    On that particular Sat, I'm already in Tokyo for an assignment... :( Sad that I'll be missing out on it.

  5. Sharon: I know! I'm super pissed off at the streamyx guy, cos he's been delaying the setup since before the last reading! And now the ONE time he can come is this Saturday. Grrr! Would really want to hear Aneeta and Xeus read...

    Eternal Wanderer: Hey, at least you get to be in Tokyo...

  6. Yes Ted,

    Would have like to have met you as well!

    I suppose there'll be other days.


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