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Writers Write Loud!

So I get to have a story published in 2006 after all! Hooray!

Karen-Ann Theseira and Oak Publications will be launching their short story collection, Write Out Loud, a very nifty book featuring short stories by up-and-coming young writers like Alexandra Wong, John Ling, Yvonne Foong, me (me! me! me!) and many other equally talented people*.

Come join us and support the local writing scene:

Date : Saturday, 30 Dec 06
Venue : Popular Bookstore, Ikano
Time : 3-4 pm

Write Out Loud will retail at RM29.90.

*Full List of Writers:
Charmaine Hon, John Ling, Low Mei Heng, Tan Phaik Cheng, Richard Huang, Melvin Tan, Tan Yi Liang, Janarthani Arumugam, Koi Kye Lee, Kelvin Ooi, Kwan Su Li, Selvam P. G., Ashvini, Graeme S. Houston, Yvonne Foong, Agnes Ong, Ted Mahsun, Frederick Kovilpillai, Wong Boon Ken, Joanna Van, Lynette Quah, Vanitha Krishnan, Alexandra Wong, Tracey Jan Francis, Jolin Kwok, Kwan Su Li, Noreha Yussof Day, Zachary Lee Francis, Bob Teoh, and last, but not least, M. Khairul Izad.


  1. hebat! cukup hebat! syabas, inspektor sahab! Aku tepuk, aku tepuk...

  2. Whee~

    I've been a silent reader of your blog for quite some time, and I can't wait to read your story!

    Wish I could be at the book launch.

    Just that I'll be getting the book much later than everyone else, as my friends in KL won't be bringing them back to Perth until the end of February. =(

    This is Charmaine btw.

  3. YOUNG????? *cough cough cough*

    I think you will change your mind when you see my wrinkly mien in person ;-)

    But anyways, thanks for the plug and see you there! :)


  4. Thanks everyone!

    Charmaine: That's too bad... it would've been nice to be able to meet you. I hope you like my story!

    Alex: Meh! You should see my gray hairs! :D Besides, in the literary world, anyone younger than 50 is automatically labelled "young" :P

  5. I will buy, i will buy! You will sign, you will sign!

  6. Hey Ted, congratulations! What a thrill to have your story published - good on you. All that hard work and peserverance has paid off at last. I'd love to read the story. Will I be able to get a copy of the book in the UK?

  7. Ted, Congratulations! Here's to more publishied works, a book perhaps?

  8. Yang-May: Thanks! I'm not sure if you can get it in the UK, but there's a high chance MPH might sell it online.

    Lydia: Hoho! A book? I dunno lah... not yet, not yet... not ready...


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