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The Inaugural MPH Breakfast Club for LitBloggers.

Thanks to Kenny Mah's mad photoshopping skilz, we have a nifty poster to stick on our blogs and make this event look all hunky dory:

And I must say, it does look hunkier and dorier! Open to everyone, especially if you have a blog. I hope they've got scones there. Been ages since I've had scones for breakfast. See ya there!


  1. scones? for breakfast?????

    is that what reading too much murakami does for you?

  2. Haha! If so, I'll be having spaghetti for breakfast!

  3. Hunkier and dorier? Ah never had Bowie associations with breakfast before, but from now on everytime I bite into a waffle I shall think of Life on Mars... ;)

  4. You know, I've never had any Bowie associations with the phrase until you mentioned it. How weird.

  5. damn i missed this.
    really wanted to go for it but i've got like a week full of papers to sit for next week and am hardly prepared. do notify me of anything else like this henceforth! -cries-

  6. Not too weird, Ted. Bowie released a cult-classic album titled Hunky Dory, of which my favourite song is Life on Mars. Or was your question rhetorical?

    And Ash, if you missed the events, you can still read about it - I wrote a round-up of the readers and happenings here. It was seriously fun...

  7. Nah, I'm no big Bowie fan. I only knew about the album when I googled it after you mentioned it :D

  8. Ted...where's the cute cow? I love the cow. What donate the rights to use the cow on my website. I'm in love with it.


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