Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Interview with Faulks. Sebastian Faulks.

Entertainment Weekly grills Sebastian Faulks on being the new Bond author, his new Bond book, Devil May Care, and David Craig's take on the franchise:
Oh, he was certainly a lot tougher than Roger Moore, who was very soft. You felt that if you punched Roger Moore in the stomach it would be like punching a bag of marshmallows. And Fleming does stress the cruelty of Bond, particularly in the early novels. I think that was one of the things that made the creation appealing and rather shocking when it first came out. But if you actually analyze the way that Bond behaves, both towards his enemies, and towards women, it isn’t actually a sadistic or unnecessarily cruel. He only kills in self-defense, or if absolutely necessary for his mission. Although he is an incurable womanzier, he doesn’t actually treat the women badly. In fact, he frequently falls in love with them and is jilted by them sometimes.
I totally agree. Roger Moore was such a total wimp, I'm perplexed as to why he survived being Bond for seven films.

George Lazenby is the best Bond evah!!!11


  1. no he's not ted. no he's not. *shakes head in sadness*

  2. Oh ok. Daniel Craig is numero uno. George Lazenby comes next.

  3. George Lazenby? Ya, he was so good they retired him after one Bond flick so he didn't top himself again.

    Timothy Dalton also had just one Bond flick.

    Actually, IMHO, the best Bond was David Niven who apparently had been Ian Fleming's preference for the part of James Bond, but the production company chose Sean Connery. (Source: Wikipedia: David Niven) And Niven was in a Bond flick, the satire Casino Royale (1967 version).

  4. Actually, response to the movie was good enough, Lazenby was scheduled to shoot Diamonds Are Forever (the movie after On Her Majesty's Secret Service) when his agent suggested to him that the Bond franchise was going nowhere. Unfortunately he listened! Gah!

    David Niven? Hah! Between him, Peter Sellers, Woody Allen and Ursula Andress as James Bond in that version of Casino Royale, I'd take Ursula Andress anytime!

    btw, has anyone seen the 1954 adaptation? Peter Lorre has a great role as Le Chiffre! That smarmy bastard in the 2006 version doesn't even come close!


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