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Saturday Readings.

The readings went well I think. I read a few pieces that my late friend, Daud Ahba, wrote and the audience seemed to get a kick out of it :)

I don't have a camera, the technophobe that I am, so I roped in my pal Ash to take some piccies. All the following pics were taken by him. You may also remember that Ash was also responsible for drawing my teddy bear logos.

Ash reads some of his humanist poetry which received a standing ovation.

Leon and Chet attempt to hide from the camera behind bottles. I'm sorry Chet, but Leon wins this time round! Better luck next time.

Ted Mahsun shows the awed crowd at Seksan's how to properly tie a pair of Chuck T's, the BEST GODDAMNED SHOES in the multiverse.

Nifty links to check out:
.punoɹ ʎɐʍ buoɹʍ ǝɥʇ sǝʌıʇɔǝdsɹǝd s,ǝ1doǝd ǝɯos pǝuɹnʇ ɐqɥɐ pnɐp ʇǝq ı .oɥ oɥ


  1. hmmm ... i blinked and missed Ash reading LOL!

    love the shoes. next time i will pause to admire them.

    and how on earth did you write upside down??? i want to try

  2. The upside down bit is sooooooooo cool!

  3. Hidungggggg...! Buluuuuuuuu...!

    Trauma sepanjang hayat!

  4. I know that it's totally unrelated to the reading (forgot my earphones so can't watch it *grumble in the office *grumble) but you and L look meant for each other! CUTE!!!!! Comel comel comel!!

    Wah you are so arty farty now...(remembers the Teddy that used to be a nerd at school wearing his all white prefect's uniform) hehe

    Shu (aku malas nak sign in)

  5. Shu... not in front of everyone... groan


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