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Just to let you know I'll be crashing Rumah Pena on 1st March at 8.30pm.

Am going to lend my hands and feet in supporting local science fiction writers, which in this case are my pals, Vovin, who wrote Opera Angkasa,

and Firdaus Ariff, who wrote Sayap Adinila.

See you guys there?


  1. Thank you for promoting MASKARA. Bring your friends.

    Looking foward to meet you.


  2. Likewise!

    I'll try bringing my friends if they stop being such snobs!

  3. Tidak mahu perform di Maskara yg mendatang?

  4. Ted, ceritalah pasal beca Pak Sudin tu. Memang best! )

  5. Tok Rimau: Boleh jugak. Tengok macamana dulu.

    Firdaus: Haha! Rasanya nak baca cerita lainlah... nanti saya bosan.

  6. Hey! This book cover ripped off Battlestar Galactica! How scandalous!

  7. Azwar is that you again?!

    The author and publisher are aware of the similarities to BSG if I'm not mistaken. Their position is that there's "some" differences so it's not an outright ripoff...


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