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Apple Sighting.

Warning! I'm revealing the tech-side of my geekiness today. I find it interesting Anwar is a Macbook Pro man. Why does he use an Apple laptop when every other Malaysian politician I see uses a Windows machine? Was it on the recommendation of his pal, Al Gore (who happens to be on Apple's board of directors)? Maybe we can expect him to present some mind-blowing presentations using Keynote in the future. That is, if they don't throw him in jail that is. Again.

Quick! How do you know when a new Murakami book is coming out?

When it's excerpted in The Guardian of course! Woohoo! I don't think most people would like my personality. There might be a few - very few, I would imagine - who are impressed by it, but only rarely would anyone like it. Who in the world could possibly have warm feelings for a person who doesn't compromise, who instead, whenever a problem crops up, locks himself away alone in a closet? But is it ever possible for a professional writer to be liked by people? For me, at least, being disliked by someone, hated and despised, somehow seems more natural. Not that I'm relieved when that happens. Even I'm not happy when someone dislikes me.

STICKY: Kata-Suara June 08

KATA-SUARA featuring The Launching of Mustapa Haji Ibrahim's Poetry Book, Gemuruh Alam . which will be launched by Y. Bhg. Dato' A. Samad Said National Laureate Mustapa Haji Ibrahim was one of the artists who was directly involved in the formation of the 'Anak Alam' group, a seminal group of cutting-edge artists, poets, theater activists, dancers and various artistic personalities in the 70s. and not forgetting these fine writers and musicians: Mustapa Hj Ibrahim Siti Zainon Ismail Raja Ahmad Aminullah Dr Iqbal Chuah Guat Eng Rahman Shaari Nisah Haron Date: Saturday, 7th June 2008 Time: 5pm Venue: RA Fine Arts, 6 Jalan Aman off Jalan Tun Razak Food and Drinks Provided. Admission Free. Directions: View Larger Map Or if you choose to take the LRT, take the Kelana Jaya line (Putra line), and drop off at the Ampang Park station. Coming out of the ticket turnstiles, turn right and take the escalators up to get to the Ampang Park shopping mall. Go round Ampang Park and wal

Less Book-Buying For Now.

Seeing as my country's government sees fit that me and wife starve to death, I don't think I will be buying more books in the near future. We were amongst the crazy people stuck in last night's crazy jam and spent an hour and half in the car in what usually is a five minute journey to the local petrol pump. Government says that they'll be reviewing the petrol price again next month. Not looking forward to going through that crazy rush to the pump again. Maybe next time I'll just resign myself and sit at home while muttering how cruel our PM is. Or read a good book. Or both. Anyway it all boils down to having less money to spend on books. Which makes me sad. For those curious, I am currently reading: Salman Rushdie's Satanic Verses (interesting at first, but gets a bit tedious towards the end. Surprisingly I like the parts with Mahound more...I guess that might reflect something in me?) Jorge Luis Borges's Ficciones (very, very good; but not something to re