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Feeling a little sad. No. Scratch that. A lot sad. My iPod Shuffle just died.

It's a first gen Shuffle so it looks like a stick of gum rather than a silly clip-on. I bought it right after launch and has served me well for the past 3 or so years. I guess it was time. The headphone socket had been having problems recently with the audio dying out on one side of the 'phones, and then switching to the other for no reason at all.

But even then I loved using it as a general-use thumbdrive. When not using it as a music device, just plug it in and it becomes a spare backup drive. Very useful, unlike the 2nd gen clip-on Shuffle, which you have to plug into a dock before you can connect it to a computer.

I'll miss you 1st gen iPod Shuffle! *sniff*

On the upside! The new shuffle doesn't cost more than RM200 while I bought my old 1GB Shuffle for RM500. (It was right before CNY and my old company had recently given out a bonus). These days you could get a Nano with 8 times the memory AND a screen with that kind of money.


  1. my condolences.
    my iPod mini (before nano and shuffle) died awhile back.
    i still haven't got the heart to replace my Doris.

  2. Ooh! You name your mini Doris! I gave a name to my shuffle when I first bought it but it's since been lost. (The name that is.) It never stuck I guess. I just ended up calling it "Shuffle". Ah well.

    It reminds me of a friend who once had a computer called Betsy. :D

  3. Over at the NaNo Technology forum at the NaNoWriMo website, there's actually a discussion thread of what participants call their writing machines.

    Mine were easy to name - they already had names! The AlphaSmart Dana is Dana, and the AlphaSmart Neo is Neo.

    I did name my Powerbook, which I called PB for short, and it became Phoebe.

  4. Haha! I expected no less!

  5. Hehe, just bought myself a 2nd Gen iPod Shuffle yesterday. It's second hand but just like new because the past owner is too lazy to install iTunes hence never use it. He didn't know that there's a iPod plugin for Windows Media Player. Hehe

    (iTunes on Windows sucks, WMP is way more stable)

  6. I didn't know there was an iPod plugin for WMP either!

    I wouldn't use WMP if I was on Windows though. I prefer WinAmp and Media Player Classic.


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