Tuesday, 4 November 2008

NaNoWriMo 2008: Day Four.

Yesterday's word count was much better. It didn't reach the requisite daily count of 1667, but I did write more than a thousand words and managed to reach 1400 words.

If it's better than yesterday and the day before, than it's good enough for me.

There's another thing that's good about all this. The fact that my daily word count is getting higher everyday might mean I'm gaining momentum so things might get better in the coming week.

I'm still preparing for the worst though, so I can't get too cocky now. The art gallery I work for is planning a huge (HUGE!) exhibition launch this month and my wife's office deems it fit to make it compulsory for husbands to attend their family day, also happening later this month. I foresee these two events threatening to derail my NaNoWriMo efforts so I'll have to take some precautionary measures if I want to make sure my word count is good enough.

Lastly, FUCK YOU PJH Corporation for forcing husbands to come to your stupid family day. (But thanks for the generous medical coverage.)


  1. I was thinking about this compulsion, how can your wife's company make it compulsory for YOU to attend?

  2. I think they have this demerit system which they take into account when considering promotion. They'll probably give her some demerit points or something if I don't come without a good excuse. I feel like I'm in school again! And it's not even MY school!

  3. People can get away with some very odd things in your country. Been reading Glenda Larke's blog too. I have never heard of compulsory attendance such as that before.

  4. It's a very surreal country even for people who have lived here all their life!


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