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RIP, JG Ballard.

I didn't intend to blog again so soon, but news of JG Ballard's death kind of shocked me. I know I should've expected it, since he's been ill for some time now, but I guess I was hoping he would make it. Haven't read Crash , but I watched the Cronenberg movie and thought it was really bizarre. Loved his more conventional––if one can truly say that about him––science fiction novels though. Okay, back to being on hiatus.

Celebrating World Book Day with BookXcess.

Received an email from BookXcess : Hi Ted! We're having a super promotion in conjunction with the World Book Day celebrations. Even our latest shipment arrived in time for our latest sale! :-D Award-winning books with 20% discount, free books for nett purchases above RM20, RM20 vouchers for nett purchases above RM200... there's just so much going on at BookXcess! We would truly appreciate it if you can help spread the word in your blog to your esteemed readers and share the joy of reading more for less at BookXcess! Attached is the e-poster we have created for the occasion. Wishing you a wonderful weekend! Hope to see you soon at BookXcess! Warmest regards, Andrew & Jacqueline Yap Click on the poster to enlarge. Sorry this isn't a proper post or anything. Just don't have the time to concentrate on blogging at the moment.