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From the pages of Mata Harian...(2)

In today's Mata Harian: Christians offer Muslims the use of 'Jesus Christ' by Yu See Lee GUNUNG RAPAT: In another twist in the controversial saga, Malaysian Catholics have offered to Malaysian Muslims the use of the words 'Jesus Christ' in return for allowing them the use of the word 'Allah' in their Catholic weekly, The Herald. 'This is our way of expressing gratitude, a way of saying "no hard feelings, eh, chaps?"' said a member of the church body who declined to be named. This has resulted in yet another controversy, this time among Catholics who protest the decision. 'We have been using the name Jesus Christ for centuries, even millennia. We called him Jesus Christ our saviour back when the Bible was only being read by the unwashed Hebrews,' said Yvette Yvangel. 'It's just not fair to let the Muslims have their way with it now." Many others are also dismayed with the decision, especially those who were vocal against