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Thoughts on 1Q84's impending English translation.

I like the thinking that 1Q84 is pronounced "Q-teen eighty-four". It rolls off the tongue much nicer than "one Q eighty-four". I'm not sure where I read this first but I'm guessing it's Literary Saloon . I'll have to check (but I won't cos I'm lazy today. Well, I've always been lazy. Anyway, I digress.) I'm guessing the huge tome will be making its way to the English-speaking shores by the middle of next year. In a recent interview at , Jay Rubin (one of Murakami's translators) revealed that he'll be finishing his translation of books 1 and 2 of 1Q84 by mid-November and Philip Gabriel is supposed to finish book 3 by then. So my first reaction to this is, "yay! There's finally some real progress and I can hope of reading it soon(ish)!" but my second reaction is more important, which is, "WHAT, there's two translators working on this???" Now I understand why they chose to go this rout