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Nanowrimo Day 3: Still doing all right.

Well, I'm still alive. I've managed 5073 words and I'm still on target for 50k by the end of November. This year has been a different kind of Nanowrimo for me. Usually, I'd write like the wind and would churn out about 15,000 words in less than three days then after that I'd stop writing for a while, and most often, I would not even continue. This year though I've taken a very marathon-y pace at doing Nanowrimo (which is what Nanowrimo really is -- a marathon) and haven't done any ridiculous wordy sprints. I've managed to meet the daily target of 1667 words so far and haven't gone overboard. I can't keep this pace however, because Friday is a holiday (Happy Diwali, people) and that's followed by a weekend which means I'll be at home, which means I probably won't do any writing. I have a baby and wife and both of them are huge attention seekers so I doubt I will get any writing done while they're around. So today I really w

Nanowrimo Day 1: And we're off!

Yes, I'm taking part in Nanowrimo again this year. This will be my first serious year taking part in Nanowrimo since 2007. I gave my all in that year and finished with 52,000 words. I would not be able repeat that feat the following two years due to work and life constraints. Even though I told people I would take part I never really took it seriously. So I never won Nanowrimo again for those years. So this year, I'm putting on my bandanna Rambo-style, this music video is playing in the background and I'm gonna hit that 50k word mark again. This is a promise. I've already put down 1812 words for today, so I'm on track. I'll write more about the novel I'm writing for Nanowrimo in the coming days.