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Retrospective 2017.

Oh hello! It's been a while huh! I figured I'd better update this because I've been networking with other writers from around the world and I didn't want them googling me up and then finding my blog and all there was on it was a page from way back in May and then another from way back in 2015. So anyway, what's been up with me this past couple of years? Well it so happens, quite a lot! It's been a good 2017 for me. I won 3rd and consolation prize in the prestigious biannual Malay SF novel writing competition, Sayembara Fiksyen Sains dan Teknologi UTM-Utusan . This also means I had two SF novels published this year, Dunia Hanyalah Pentas , and Yang Diselindung Samudera , which I co-wrote with Nor Azida Ishak and Fadli al-Akiti. I'm particularly proud of Dunia Hanyalah Pentas , which is a YA cyberpunk murder mystery thriller (phew! what a mouthful!) set in my hometown of Ipoh, a quiet little town which isn't really the kind of megalopolis one usual